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February 21, 2012



Busy business people wouldn't consider signing up to a latest social media 'big thing' as a priority unless it can be proved their customers or would-be customers are there. It's interesting that the biggest group using Pinterest are women and looking at the reports you link to, quite young women. Some people may feel Pinterest is just a fad. But already we can see potential value in some of our clients finding out more - the shopping centre suggestion is a good one. Thanks for such a detailed post.


Great post, really like that you included links to other posts and research in the article, really helpful.
I've been looking into Pinterest today to see if it could help us or any clients. Looks like it could be great for B2C companies.


Thanks for this, really helpful. Sounds great but I'm concerned about the copyright aspect.


I'm concerned about the copyright issue and the credit issue, and I'd have thought businesses ought to be concerned about pinterest rewriting links to make them affiliate links. At which point you'd lose the seo benefit I'd have thought too.


Hi Jax, thanks for adding your insight, the concern you highlight sounds like something we should know more about. Can you offer details of where we can find out more about this? We're doing our best to keep up with discussion about Pinterest and there's a lot of noise. We're not Pinterest users but have a new found thirst for knowledge about this. What resources would you recommend? Are businesses already protesting about this?

Ian Shephard

Hey both, great job, excellent piece!


Interesting post particularly regarding copyright issues - isn't there always a source when you "pin" something, so wouldn't that make it reasonable to share as long as you aren't doing so for directly commercial purposes, and it was only a small piece of the overall web content? Or is this all just too much of a minefield!


hi KiddyCharts, thanks for commenting. I do think it's a minefield as we are discussing commercial reasons. I don't want to rip anyone off! Photographers who earn a living from their pictures and usage may have something to say about them being shared so widely, with or without a credit I would imagine.


I can't wait till than I have a few people I want to ivnite so if there is limited space please let me know and is there going to be a cost or do we need to bring something with us?


One of the main reasons more social marketers are giving Pinterest a closer look is because of its ability to drive traffic. On the other hand, Pinterest allows you (and others) to pin all types of stuff to virtual boards, stuff that links back to your website or blog.

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